CompanySince its inception in 2003, Permitsoft, Inc. has been the leading provider of web-based project tracking, permitting, land management and inspection for local jurisdictions. PermitSoft was formed to provide much-needed software designed to function the way municipalities manage their projects and permitting and perform their inspections, code enforcement and other functions. Yet, recognizing that each operation can be different, considerable flexibilities were built in to the system to allow for easily customizing the software to the special needs and workflow of each specific jurisdiction.

Further, we have empowered the jurisdictions by giving them powerful administrative tools to modify many features of the system after implementation without any programming. Most other software companies rely on the post-deployment change orders as a major revenue source.

PermitSoft is committed to providing the best possible software solutions and the most reliable and responsive customer service. We rely on listening to our customers’ needs and then applying the best technical tools and know-how to come up with the right solutions. We believe software application is an essential tool in the daily life of municipalities’ staff so it has to be designed with features in daily use which invite the end users and reward them with speed, confidence and ease.

Our software is so intuitive that even staff with minimal exposure to computer will embrace and use the software after a few hours of training. Software usability is one of our main goals and we believe it is a measure of the usefulness of the system.

PermitSoft encourages all related parties to use the software and that is why we stay away from a per-user fee structure. It is PermitSoft’s goal to have all internal and external users remain connected and able to collaborate on projects free of concerns about securing additional licenses.