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Online Permitting

  • 24 x 7
      Liberate your customers, save valuable staff time, reduce costs, win the support of your policy makers with unparalleled on-line PermitCity.  You can choose to offer all of these features today or start with a few and expand later.
  • Building, Planning, Engineering, Fire
    • Issue permits on-line
    • -Accept applications and issue permits on projects requiring review


      -Accept applications and route for review and issue permits when all conditions are met

    • Attach electronic files from any source
    • Pay on-line with a secure system or desired payment gateway
    • Project status check, keep your customers informed about the progress of their applications
    • Download corrections and conditions
    • Request Inspections on-line (with ability to limit number of inspections allowed in AM or PM for each day)
    • Check status of inspections, post correction lists in real time for customer to see
    • History, customer can check history of their project in one clean screen
    • Automatically notify customers of important actions taken on projects
  • Business Licenses
    • Issue business licenses on-line
    • Renew business licenses on-line
  • Code enforcement
    • Accept on-line case referrals
    • Keep customers informed on their referrals
    • Pay citations on-line