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Online Plan Review

Go paperless, save time, save money, save gas, save trees with the on-line plan check features of PermitCity.

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PermitCity’s on-line plan check capability allows the drawing to be submitted on-line at the time of application or during resubmittal. The reviewing agencies will then be able to review the drawings, mark them up and pass them on to customers for correction. PermitCity’s design accommodates any sort of workflow in review and approval (serial or parallel). Upon completion, a copy will be archived or seamlessly transmitted to your document management system.


  1. Eliminates paperwork and printing costs
  2. Reduces need for routing and locating plans
  3. Enhances communication and collaboration between review and design entities
  4. Enhances ability of customer to see exactly the areas of concern
  5. Automatically notifies staff when a new set of drawings is posted
  6. 24×7 access to files by staff and customers
  7. Easy redistribution of comments to proper design discipline
  8. Simplifies field changes
  9. Simplifies creation of final design as built.
  10. Secure on-line repository of archived plans