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PermitCity ONE

At a time when software costs are skyrocketing and budgets are evaporating, PermitSoft ONE enables our customers to efficiently address land, project, permit management and tracking system automation needs while greatly reducing operating and IT costs by completely avoiding the purchase, installation, and maintenance of permitting system software.

The concept is simple – rather than the traditional method of purchasing software licenses, installing the software on in-house servers, and hoping for the best when it comes to computer problems, maintenance and required system changes, we are offering you state-of-the-art permit tracking software with none of the headaches and far less expense.  In addition, our sophisticated administrative tools allow us to provide advanced customization at a fraction of the cost of traditional software.

The PermitSoft ONE is exactly the same as our Enterprise system, the only differences is in the scope of customization. After many installations throughout California, any conceivable feature any customer would possibly need is already included in our PermitCity ONE.

PermitCity ONE, is a complete set of integrated modules for all Community Development activities and beyond. Currently following Modules are available on PermitCity ONE:

Building, Planning, Code Enforcement, Fire, Engineering, Citizen Access and Mobile.

Now you get PermitCity ONE for one flat monthly rate of $500/month for 5 user licenses per modules. Licensing right can be shared between modules. For example, if two modules are purchased, 10 users can have access to both modules. Additional 5 user licenses can be purchased for $250/month. The monthly fee includes maintenance, support and hosting. All hosting will be done on Amazon Cloud with daily back up. All data will belong to your agency and we can deliver database backup files to the city at requested intervals.

Compare PermitCity ONE to Traditional Permitting Software, then, call us for a live demo:

PermitCity ONE
Traditional Permitting Software
$10,000: Initial Customization per module $50K to $250K for initial licensing and customization
$10,000: Conversion per existing system $100,000 – $500,000 for data conversion from prior system
$7,500: 3rd party integration via web-server.(GIS, Document imaging, Finance System, etc.) Typically $30,000 – $50,000 for Integration
No Annual maintenance and support fee, included in monthly fee listed above Annual fees for maintenance and support15 to 20% of initial licensing
No additional work for IT department Typically one full time staff ($70K to $160K)

Initial customization is accomplished using our administrative tools and will include the following:

  • Generating all applications, permits, project and case types.
  • Workflow (who reviews each project, target time table for each review, disposition of project based on type of review).
  • Staff roles and authorities.
  • All fees, citation and cost items for each module.
  • Set up for all inspection types.
  • Customizing required information per permit/application/project type.
  • Access to all reports/forms/letters currently available in PermitCity.  (Additional forms can be created at $750/form template).
  • Generating 3 new reports or forms per module  (Additional reports/forms can be created at the rate of $750/report).
  • One day of training per module.

Additional customization will be done on a time and materials basis, with a prior agreement ($125/hr. average hourly rate).

Our average deployment time for each module will be about two months per module depending on customer availability for acceptance testing.

Please note that, for a nominal fee, the system can also be deployed on your server and utilized by the city license database.

This is the time to get the most user friendly and powerful software currently available on the market at an unbelievable savings.  This is the time to join the satisfied customers of PermitSoft and become a leader in utilizing technology to boost collaboration in your operations and win your customers’ praise for unparalleled 24/7 service availability.