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  • User Friendly:

PermitCity boasts a rich, intuitive and user-friendly interface that gives users an engaging and interactive experience. It has a well-defined, easy-to-follow process with no guesswork. At the same time, PermitCity is a modern and fast program which allows staff to rapidly and easily navigate the system’s features and functions. Users will be able to master the software in one half day of training. PermitCity has the best user interface you have ever experienced.

  • Project Management:

PermitCity will be an indispensable tool for managing review, approval, licensing, inspection, and enforcement.

  • Online features:

Your customers will be able to:

  • Check status of their projects throughout review and approval and download corrections
  • Obtain permits online
  • Request inspections and check status and view and download corrections
  • Attach any electronic file such as AutoCAD, PDF, JPEG, MS Word, etc. with no limitation.
  • One click:

Most information can be reached in one step, the power of technology scaled to human level.

  • Reports:

If business knowledge is business power, then the deeper your knowledge is, the more power you have to take your business where it needs to go. PermitCity’s comprehensive reports and data-focusing dashboards give you the kind of deep insight you want, without the complexity you don’t. In many cases, just a few clicks gets you reports filled with actionable facts, visual analysis, and trends you might have otherwise missed. And with PermitCity reports, you can view those reports as hard copy, PDF, or right alongside other critical business data in many time-saving dashboards.

  • Empowering you:

With powerful admin tools users can make major modifications after going live, such as:

  • Create new application types and assign workflow and fee.
  • Modify workflow
  • Add, delete and modify fees with effective dates
  • Create new roles and assign staff and define authorization
  • Create ad-hoc reports
  • Add, delete and modify correction lists based on application type.
  • Total Awareness:

With auto email triggering and project log on main page, staff and managers will always be informed of their tasks and approaching targets. When an agency passes off a correction issue or when one reviewer issues comments or approves the project, the manager or other designated user will be notified.

  • Integration:

PermitCity provides seamless integration with all modern 3rd party software such as Finance, Document Imaging, Human resources, etc.


The Planning module of PermitCity is specifically designed for Planning and Zoning operations and various associated land use approvals. The powerful project management tools of PermitCity will be an indispensable tool for managing Planning Application processing as single operation or multi-agency review and approval process.

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PermitCity’s intuitive design enables users to fully enjoy the powerful capability of the software. The entire project application is done with one simple, user-friendly screen designed to eliminate human error, omission and duplication.

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PermitCity’s Engineering module provides complete project management for engineering operations, including permit issuance, plan review and inspection monitoring and tracking and finalizing encroachment, transportation, parking and block party permits. (image, home page). The powerful project management tools of PermitCity will be an indispensable tool for managing Engineering application processing and approval and inspection process.

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The Fire module of PermitCity is an unbelievably user-friendly and powerful tool designed to save time and assist your team to successfully accomplish their tasks efficiently and confidently. From application intake to review and approval, to managing hazardous materials inventory to annual or periodic inspection, PermitCity will be the indispensable tool that will assist your staff to succeed every time.

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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is the best solution available in the market and is designed to work as a stand alone system or work seamlessly with other modules within PermitCity Enterprise. Like other modules or PermitCity Enterprise, the Code Enforcement module is tightly integrated with GIS and other modules for one holistic and transparent view of a case or project.

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Business Licenses

Renewal notices are automatically issued. The generation of notices and form letters is automated with relevant information specific to the case.

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Special Inspections

Now you can run your special inspection operation with ease and control and cut as much as 20% of your expenses by speeding service deliver, communication and assignment, paperwork elimination, contract management and report generation. Send the report to jurisdiction and customers and engineers in one click.

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Public Works

Manage all your capital improvement projects effortlessly from their earliest inception through budgeting and completion.

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Development Management

The Development Management module of PermitCity is an indispensable tool managing land and building development and construction. With powerful web-based features such as: planning, scheduling, budgeting, estimating and  work-orders,  you will be in charge of all aspects of your work.

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