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PermitCity’s intuitive design enables users to fully enjoy the powerful capabilities of the software, from project intake, to routing and assignment, to approval and inspection. An entire project application is done with one simple, user-friendly screen designed to eliminate human error, omission and duplication.

On-line Permitting
Without leaving their offices or construction sites, your customers can:

  • Submit permit applications
  • Obtain permits on projects requiring no review
  • Obtain permits after review and approval
  • Check project status
  • Request inspections

Project Management
Your staff can:

  • Assign projects to multiple agencies with different review times
  • Those agencies can, in turn, assign projects to specific staff
  • Receive updates on existing projects and their status
  • Require approval from external agencies such as Public Health and Sanitation
  • Obtain project progress reports
  • Receive warning e-mails when project deadlines approach

Project Intake
Fast and error-free project intake:

  • Retrieve data by address
  • Retrieve data by Property Owner
  • Retrieve date by project applicant
  • Easy Project descriptions and definitions (drop down list for occupancy group, construction type, etc.)
  • Automated construction valuation (using floor area and municipality’s cost table)
  • Verify contractor licensing with the State Website (available in California)
  • Verify bond, workers compensation, insurance and other permitting requirements against database
  • Verify business license against the jurisdiction’s database.

Fee Calculation
PermitCity offers:

  • Automatic Fee calculations based on occupancy and construction classification
  • Easy electrical/mechanical/building fee interface that definesthe scope of work
  • Ability to offer estimates
  • Ability to add Adhoc fees
  • Automated special and impact fees based on defined zones
  • Ability to charge per hour and deduct from deposit
  • Specific fee accounting