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Business Licenses

PermitCity is the perfect licensing tool for your office.

  • Customers have the convenience of using online features to file for licenses and possibly print them from home if desired by your jurisdiction.
  • On-line license renewals.
  • Licenses are issued easily using user-friendly interface and fee calculation module.
  • New or change-of-use businesses can be flagged by type, zoning and other criteria for required approval by other departments, agencies or jurisdictional authorities.
  • Renewal notices are automatically issued. The generation of notices and form letters is automated with relevant information specific to the case.
  • Payment may be made by credit card, check or cash.
  • Automatic reference to SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes is provided.
  • Reminders ensure that designated parties are notified when license fees are not paid.
  • No more lost revenue. PermitCity’s integrated system ensures that contractors have the required licenses before building permits are issued.
  • Multiple flagging capabilities including one indicating when a new structure is finaled and a new business license is required.
  • Information from other operations such as Building, Engineering, Planning, Fire, and Code Enforcement is easily available without leaving the PermitCity environment.
  • Staff can check the status of licenses from the field.
  • Generates forms for mailing to property owners or other interested parties.