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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is the best solution available in the market and is designed to work as a standalone system or work seamlessly with the other modules within PermitCity Enterprise. Like the other modules, the Code Enforcement module is tightly integrated with GIS and the other modules for one holistic and transparent view of a case or project.

  • Mobile: Have full access to all functionalities of the software in the field via wireless PDA or Tablet PC.
  • Research from the job site:
    • Property or business history,
    • Business licensing,
    • Open building permit applications,
    • Conditional use permits,
    • File photographs.
  • Integrated Document Management: Use PermitCity to access your document management system of historical files, see previously scanned plans and permits.
  • Issue notices or warnings in the field by selecting the type of violation and the form you wish to use, selecting names associated with the property or adding new ones, adding any other pertinent information and printing a copy using a vehicle-installed or portable printer.
  • Generate Notices: Generates notices using your predefined templates populated with the case information and violations. These forms can be exported to MS Word for further modifications.
  • Reminder Emails: Never forget another follow-up-date with the “e-mail awareness”© triggering feature of PermitCity that automatically generates reminder e-mails with your chosen message.
  • User Friendly Interface: Manage cases and complaints, assign work, and set target dates with user-friendly interface.
  • Online Complaints: Take complaints online. Provide relevant information about your operation to customers or policy makers.
  • Alerting/Flagging: PermitCity flags addresses, parcels, or projects to ensure that other city entities are aware of open and pending cases and existing code enforcement action.
  • Assign Cases: Automatically assign cases by area, zone or other criteria.
  • Online Features: Accept complaints and keep customers informed of their status.