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PermitCity’s Engineering module provides complete project management for engineering operations, including permit issuance, plan review and inspection monitoring and tracking and finalizing encroachment, transportation, parking and block party permits. (image, home page). The powerful project management tools of PermitCity will be an indispensable tool for managing Engineering application processing and approval and inspection process.

Engineering module specific outstanding features:

  • Integrated: all modules of PermitCity are fully integrated creating unparalleled transparency of project history and cases and inviting collaboration and teamwork
  • Manage subdivision projects from initial submittal to final map recordation.
  • GIS: Harness the power of GIS to get information that you need in completing your work, from infrastructure of street to parcel information, special hazard zone, etc…
  • Capital Project Management: A new feature of PermitCity allows to plan your Capital  Projects and track the progress from conceptual design to completion.
  • Parcel management, with lot-tie and lot-split, PermitCity enables authorized users to manage parcel and address management.
  • Fees: All fee calculations are automated. PermitCity has powerful triggering ability defining when it should be applied. You can model any fee, no matter how complex in a simple and straightforward way.
  • Bond-tracking, powerful Bond tracking features empower staff to release funds based on percentage of work completed.
  • Calendaring: Powerful calendaring, see project hearing schedule and  hearing agenda in one clean view
  • Public Notification: Generate notices for neighbors with pre-defined templates populated with the project automatically generated by the software ready to be mailed or emailed.
  • Public announcement: Automatically publish  hearing notices to the City Web-site, your City Clerk will love you
  • Corrections and Conditions: Integrated condition approval that stays with the project throughout life of project, making sure they are complied with at final sign off and operational requirements are met after occupation.
  • Fee: Any fee structure can easily be handled in PermitCity, from deposit fees to most complex impact fees or special district fees, all in a few simple and intuitive interfaces.
  • Integrated timesheet
  • Auto-generated email
  • Auto generated letters and notices
  • Bond tracking