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PermitCity harnesses the power of GIS via a seamless bi-directional integration with ESRI ArcGIS. This integration allows PermitCity users to view a wide range of parcel information including: project applications, permits issued, code enforcement cases, as well as business and occupancy information. After selecting a parcel, users can effortlessly start projects, issue project notices to nearby parcels, check the compatibilities of proposed uses as well as set up the routing for daily inspections.

With PermitCity GIS, difficult tasks like keeping track of parcel histories, lot tie and splitting and address consistency, are made easier.

Feature List:

  • Built on ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 Javascript API
  • Standard navigation, zoom in, zoom out, pan, previous extent
  • Info tool to ID features
  • Print layout tool
  • Parcel Right click to begin the process of creating new PermitCity objects
  • Parcel Selection tools – select by rectangle, polygon, distance to create PermitCity objects from multiple parcels.
  • Measurement tools – distance, area
  • Table of contents with layer visibility toggle for dynamic map services
  • Parcel search tools – Search by Pin, owner, address
  • PermitCity query tools- query PermitCity objects by basic criteria
  • PermitCity object info – clicking on a plotted PermitCity object opens a info box with basic attribute info with a link to the object details
  • Interface for PermitCity to perform “jump tos” from an object to its location on the map.
  • Data updates such as parcel splits made available immediately
  • Alerts can be set up based on object location and proximity to other spatial features
  • Workflow can be modified based on location data
  • Keeps record of what the parcel looked like at the time a PermitCity object was created
  • Gives the client a view into the life cycle of a parcel