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Best of Both Worlds: Field staff can have access to entire project and property report from the field using wireless internet enabled device. Should wireless not be readily available throughout the, jurisdiction, the system can automatically switch to synch mode allowing full functionalities on the day inspection or code enforcement case. PermitCity automatically detect presence of wireless and performs auto-synch updating the main database in the office or at a wireless hub.

  • Conduct inspection and code investigation from the field
  • Select correction from easy pick-list correction list. » Read More
  • Print and issue correction and citation in the field
  • Assess re-inspection fee in real time
  • Enter case investigation from the field
  • Attach file such as pictures to cases and inspection record
  • Place holds from the field
  • Conduct Research from field
  • Instant update: Inspection results will be immediately updated in PermitCity Database and customer can obtain a list from their office via wireless internet.
  • Customer gets the result of inspection or investigation immediately from their Citizen Access portal or via email.

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