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Public Works

  • Streets and Property Maintenance
    • Manage the maintenance of streets and publicly owned properties.
    • Assign work and receive periodic status reports.
    • Use the workflow feature to track service requests and task completion.
    • Get dynamic workload overviews to minimize delays.
    • Receive real-time field reports via wireless internet.
    • Use the internet for internal and external notification as desired.
    • Get reports that support your decision making and provide useful indicators.
    • Keep track of resources and allocate funds.
  • Capital Improvement
    • Manage all your capital improvement projects effortlessly from their earliest inception through budgeting and completion.
    • Collaborate with public or organizational units to solicit ideas for capital improvement projects.
    • Use the project administration feature to customize interfaces.
    • Use the proposal interface to capture vital aspects of projects such as proposal status, multiyear cost projections, important contacts, funding sources, etc.
    • Set targets and milestones, and assign staff based on expertise and other criteria.
    • Prioritize and track progress and expenditures.
    • Keep all electronic files and records with projects
    • Get customized reports and detailed information easily