Special Inspections

Now you can run your Special Inspection operation with ease and control and reduce your expenses by as much as 20% by speeding service delivery, communication and assignment, paperwork elimination, contract management and report generation.  Send the report to jurisdictions and customers and engineers in one click. Starting at $500/month for 5 users and $50/month for additional user.

  • Totally web-based and hosted, no cost of maintenance and hosting
  • Easy-to-use software that requires less than ½ day training to use all its features.
  • Prepare reports from the field, cut duplication and publication of reports
  • Allow customers to request their inspections online and see results immediately.
  • Open communication with laboratory
  • Automatically assign work by project, specialty and zone or manually.
  • Automatically generate reports effortlessly
  • View plans online
  • Report issues immediately for proactive solutions.