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Top 10 Reasons

  1. Intuitive: Our system is so intuitive that many tasks are done with one click, saving time with each use.
  2. Cost-saving: Priced to match your budgetary restraints. PermitCity ONE, the light version of PermitCity Enterprise is scaled to the needs of smaller operations. It is priced at $500 per month for a 5 user version, there is no reason to wait anymore, You can have the best system available on the market at an affordable price now.
  3. Efficient: Information is entered in the system once and is then available to users from then on, Most processes can be achieved on one screen or one click without the need to jump through various hoops. No more missing a required step. Effective use of the pick list and drop-down eliminates user input error and provides data integrity.
  4. Online: Provides your customer 24-7 access to: Check status of their projects and download corrections, submit applications, obtain permits and pay invoices. Also offers the information and ability to  obtain permits, request inspections and research public domain information.
  5. Web-based: PermitSoft is a totally web-based system that can be hosted on your server or we can host it, so users can access the information from home, field and office just using your password and a web-browser.
  6. Automated: Your workflow processes are automated in PermitCity and projects are moved to the next phase based on the outcome of the prior phase.
  7. Integrated: All modules are integrated providing complete transparency between different operational and approval processes.
  8. Expandability and Compatibility: The system is designed for full expandability and written on the most robust and modern platform. The system is fully compatible for real time integration with most modern software from financial systems to payroll, from GIS to document imaging.
  9. Low maintenance: System is designed to require minimum ongoing maintenance. Supports both Microsoft and Linux Platforms.  Now it is your choice and your preference.
  10. Reports: PermitSoft comes with all sorts of easy-to-use reports that can show activities, workloads, revenues and finances, productivity and performance.